MYSA Reg Events


Provide a SAFE- FAIR- FUN environment for our young referees to grow and gain experience
• Provide a platform for all youth soccer stakeholders to engage in the process of recruiting, developing, and advancing young referees
• Provide a forum to share BEST PRACTICES and a resource to address and remove obstacles
• Make Referee development part of all youth soccer organizations' culture
• Educate and inform parents and coaches
• Expand our base of referees, mentors, facilitators and administrators


• Any town/club with intown/intramural games
• Any town/club that can help develop referees
• Designed for young people aged 12-14 (6th through 8th grade) as the primary, but not exclusive, target
• Current referees of any age interested in becoming mentors
• Current referees and administrators interested in becoming facilitators
• Any town/club that wants to start, improve, or accredit their referee program
• Any town that recognizes the need for more, and better quality referees!


• The Town/Club contacts a Program Administrator via email or form submission to receive accreditation for an existing program, or develop and implement a program.
• Town/Club identifies and works with Local Facilitators and Program Director(s) to customize the Program and curriculum, and promote to their membership
• Participants are given material for pre-work
• Participants attend up to 4 hours of training (classroom, on-field or combined) emphasizing practical advice to become a referee- appearance, professionalism, punctuality, positioning, whistle use (and non-use!), signals, watch use, rules knowledge, injury awareness and action, incident reporting with particular emphasis on SAFETY
• Trainees are assigned to lowest level intown games under supervision of a Mentor
• Mentors provide and document simplified feedback and advice, reinforcing positives and giving one or two items to improve on.
• Trainees "move up" to older/higher level intown games as experience grows
• Successful trainees (based on observation and standards set by the MSRC) are offered an alternate, streamlined, reduced cost path for USSF Grade 8 Certification without the need to take the full course.


• There are NO REGISTRATION FEES due to Mass Youth beyond the player and adult registration fees incurred as part of standard seasonal registration requirements.
• There are NO FEES due to the Mass State Referee Committee for participation in this program.
• Individual towns/clubs are responsible for determining program costs. Facilitators, mentors and trainees are independent contractors subject to agreement to fees set by the town/club.
• Uniform and equipment requirements and responsibilities are set by the Town/Club. The minimum standard is a unique jersey, wristwatch, and whistle.
• Individuals and organizations wishing to purchase Grassroots Referee Program uniforms and equipment online at discounted prices may do so HERE.